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Things are Tickety-brew with The Tea Thief

For The Tea Thieves Ruth Wynne and Dave Capstick, their playful blends like Tickety-brew, Fairy Dust and Brew.ti.ful, make drinking high-quality, organic and sustainable tea a lot of fun. Plus, each blend is carefully curated with taste and health properties in mind to bring you some of nature’s best remedies.

The Tea Thief

The idea for The Tea Thief came to the couple whilst undergoing fertility treatment in Greece. Searching for caffeine free alternatives during that time they realised how many wonderful healthy beneficial teas there were around the world – from ancient shamanic herbs to ayurvedic remedies, and decided to create their own range.

“We discovered Greek Mountain Tea – a wonderful herb that has been used for centuries and one the Greeks use all the time. It has numerous health benefits – supports immunity and has antiviral properties,” says Ruth

Returning to New Zealand, the couple began sourcing ingredients from around the world to curate blends which not only taste great but have therapeutic benefits. They have pretty high standards when it comes to tea and all teas are packed and blended to the Tea Thief’s unique recipes here in New Zealand.

When selecting ingredients, Ruth says they are not willing to compromise on quality. “Each tea has to have health and wellness properties, has to be organic and has to be sustainable. It’s really important that the products are purchased ethically,” she says. 

The Tea Thief

Their most popular blend and one of Ruth’s favourites is Tickety-brew which is a combination of butterfly blue pea flower, ginger and lavender (a lovely calming blend which changes colour with a dash of citrus). Ruth says she chooses her tea each day based on her mood and will often make extra strong brews which she turns into ice cubes to add to cold drinks. Dave’s favourite is the Organic Wild Greek Mountain Tea and he is also partial to Fairy Dust – an enchanting combo of rose, lemon, chamomile, mint and turmeric. 

The Tea Thief will be brewing up a storm at Kings Plant Barn Stonefields all October. Pop in for a cuppa and a chat with Ruth and Dave who will have a selection of their delicious teas to taste and can help you select a tea to tickle your fancy.

The Tea Thief


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